Alive and Kicking


It has been a while since I wrote anything here.

As always we are all busy with our private lives and this makes life as a hobbyist indie developer difficult.

Recently I found myself editing a book regarding Phaser the game engine. It is quite a challenge I have to say and to be honest right now it is still a works in progress.

I think the author is eager that I finish so am I to be honest but it is easily said than done.

It is a new experience and because it is something different I am really enjoy it. Probably if I had to do it over and over again I will get bored but hey let’s enjoy the moment.

I am doing this for free but the author was very nice to offer me his next new book for free.

Phaser is another Game Engine that I like and hopefully I will be able to write some tutorials regarding this engine in the future.

As soon as I finish the peer review will post a link to the book. It is not a free book but the cost of it is really negligible.

We are indies and we help other indies. That is how I see it. One never knows when he will need another indie.