Linux Quick Reference


“Why do I have a quick reference to Linux here?”, you might ask. Linux is an OS and not a development environment.

All the Game Development Engines I personally use run on Windows, but there are some that run also on Linux. And when you want to deploy your latest game on to the Linux platform you will need to know its whereabouts. Also it has some cool handy tools, and although most of them are available for Windows, I personally find that you get more from them on Linux.

I have a dedicate machine running the free version of VMware on which I have most of the latest Linux distributions where I can test my games. Also I have a physical Linux Box which is my other development environment besides my Windows development machine. Having two development environments provides me with the best tools of both platforms.

In the following sections I will list most of the common commands that one needs to know and in some occasions I will go to some in-depth explanation.